About 22 years ago, on my daughter’s first birthday, I had a big bird cake made in Vienna, Va. While driving home, the cake fell off of the seat and was destroyed. I got home and started calling numbers in the phone book and I ended up at GloryBe’s house, trying to get a new cake for the very next day. Thankfully, GloryBe came to the rescue!

GloryBe has made all of my daughter’s birthday cakes for the last 22 years, except for one. I am not sure what happened that year, but it was certainly our loss. I always look forward to ordering a cake from GloryBe. Her artistry is amazing and the taste is to die for. Seeing the excitement on the face of the recipient and the fantastic layout of the cake is always a buzz. I have recommended GloryBe to all my friends and never had one complaint. It is not very often you can say it after 22 years of doing business with anyone, but she has never let me down. 

Mike Penn, Woodbridge, VA

Mike Penn

GloryBe cakes is our go to place for all our cakes! We order around 3 cakes a year from GloryBe and couldn’t be more pleased with the quality, convenience and creativity that GloryBe puts into each and every cake that we get. We truly feel like each one is a unique gift that helps make our special occasions that much more special! We suggest that you and your family give GloryBe a shot. You will not be disappointed!!! Make sure to save us a piece!!!! 

The Lee Family

I don’t recall a life without GloryBe Cakes and of course the family favorite is Cherry Nut. On a few occasions we have had two flavors in one cake. I can never decide on what to put on the cakes. I give the theme or color to GloryBe and she uses the gift she has been given to surprise us! This past summer we were at a family wedding. After eating the cupcakes we immediately knew they were from GloryBe! The icing is enticing but the taste will bring you back!

Katrina Franklin

My family and I have been ordering cakes from Glory Be Cakes for over 10 years. We have ordered cakes for many types of occasions and all different sizes depending on how large the event was that we were hosting. Not only are the cakes beautifully made and delicious but their customer service and willingness to please is to be admired also. I can honestly say we have never been disappointed with any product that we have received from Glory Be Cakes. I look forward to getting many more cakes made by them in the future. Thank you Glory Be for making many of our celebrations special with your cakes. 

Lisa Vargo

Our family have been fans of GloryBe cakes and cup cakes for many years. GloryBe cakes are soooo good and reasonably priced too. There are cakes that look good and some that taste good, but GloryBe Cakes are both!! With just a picture or an idea, Gloria creates a one of a kind work of art every time! Her cakes are the hit of any party! 

Ken & Anna Smith

MANY THANKS TO GLORY BE. For over 15 years we’ve enjoyed her cakes & cupcakes when celebrating birthdays, a bridal shower, or just friendly gatherings. Her sheet-cakes have been the centerpiece of many Marine Corps birthday celebrations for a few, or a few hundred. The care and detail she puts into every one of her creations has been recognized by everyone who stands in line for more. Glory Be is a loving woman who bakes and decorates fellowship and fun. If you want a cake, go to the grocery store. If you want to make a statement that you care about your guests, contact Glory Be. 

Mike & Sue Quinlan

About five years ago we learned of GloryBe Cakes through a friend who has used her for years. We now exclusively use GloryBe Cakes for all of our special occasions, ranging from birthdays to retirement parties. Her personal touch and love is evident on each cake. We are so happy to have been introduced to GloryBe.

Rose and Willie Wilcox

Dear Glory Be, 
Your cakes are amazing! We have ordered two cakes since we’ve been referred to you through some one at our church. The first being our wedding cake, which was extremely beautiful. The taste and the artistry brought us back for a baby shower cake. We also love your cupcakes, which are great for the mini-occasions in between the major event throughout the year. We look forward to order more cakes and cupcakes in the future. Our newborn’s first cake will be a Glory Be. Thank you so much for your friendly service, as well as your delicious cakes and great prices.

The Simpsons

We experienced our 1st GloryBe cake at a birthday party many years ago. Since that time, whenever a special occasion arises, GloryBe is the only place I even think about calling. Her cakes are beautiful, delicious and priced very fairly. GloryBe made the cake for my son’s Bar Mitzvah, his Eagle Scout Court of Honor, his 18th birthday…and she will be getting a call from me shortly, as we have a graduation party coming up. She is, without a doubt, the best of the best in Prince William County.

Sandy McElhaney

When I needed a cake for my daughters graduation I called GloryBe Cakes. Gloria asked me what I wanted on it. As images flooded my mind I, my answers to a few simple questions became a beautiful tapestry that no one wanted to cut into (thankfully GloryBe took a picture of it). More than one family member exclaimed, ‘Glory be!’ and I said, ‘Exactly!’ The silky soft icing and original cherry nut cake batter were a delicious hit and have become a family favorite. When we can’t decide on one flavor, GloryBe satisfies the taste buds with two flavors in one cake! 

Joyce Franklin

GloryBe, you’ve done so much for my kids and grandkids and also my work place we can’t ever forget that marvelous taste that never leaves your mind and also your heart and soul as well. I just wish that you would sell your cakes in the grocery store and also world wide as well. Thank you for all the hard work that you put in your cake, to make everyone’s day, that is a special gift from God.

Elvinia Wesson

We live in a suburb East of Cleveland, Ohio, and have family in northern Virginia. Our nephew and his fiancé were to be married in Cancun, but were required to be married in the United States first. We wanted to host a small party for the newlyweds after their ceremony in Virginia and decided to have it at Dak’s Restaurant in Woodbridge, Virginia, because we were familiar with it. Even though they were going to have a wedding cake at their reception in Cancun, we wanted to surprise them with a wedding cake. The next decision was where could we get a wedding cake as we had no clue about any bakeries in the Woodbridge area. We looked on-line and GloryBe’s website popped up, we liked what we saw, and decided to contact her. We never did anything like this long-distance. We called GloryBe, explained our situation about ordering a cake sight unseen, told her what we would like, and GloryBe immediately stepped into action and put us at ease. We picked out a cake, told her the colors, made a few changes, and she assured us that she would take care of everything, including the cake topper. GloryBe did all of that and more. She took care of setting it up at Dak’s and when we saw it before the guests arrived, we were so pleased and it was more than what we ever dreamed it would be. Needless to say, the cake was delicious and the decorations were absolutely spectacular and nicer than what we could ever expect!! Our nephew and his new wife were so surprised and happy and thought the cake was beautiful as did everyone else. We could never thank GloryBe enough for what she did for us and now we are long-distance friends.

Laurel Tatsch

Hi my name is Cheryl and I have been a customer for Glory Be Cakes since May 1, 2009. I did my first order for my son’s first birthday. The cake was so detailed to what I had asked for. The cake was very moist and the icing was perfect. I haven’t had a cake like that before. Beside cakes I order cupcakes for each holiday. I even order cupcakes for each child that I watch (I run an in home daycare) for their birthdays. I have told all my family members, friends, and even strangers about Glory Be Cakes. I will continue buying from Glory Be because I am totally hooked!

Cheryl Blair

I can highly recommend Glory Be’s fantastic cakes! 
We have been getting cakes from Glory Be for over 15 years. Ms. Glory Be always has a suggestion if you are stumped on a design style. For small gatherings to grand events, a cake made by Glory Be will be a beautiful presentation and a light, airy finish to any celebration.
They are always tasty and have her famous whipped
icing. It is always moist and never too heavy.
J.Melott, Woodbridge, VA

J.Melott, Woodbridge, VA

Your cakes are always a great hit at our ACTS Volunteer Appreciation Events. Thank you for all of your support and the very imaginative cake designs that always fit perfectly with our themes. I always love picking up the cakes because it smells so good at your house.

Frances Harris


Glory Be,
I just wanted to say thank you for bringing joy and happiness to our family with your cakes for many years. Ever since we tasted that first one….and they have only gotten better over the years. The cakes are soooo moist and that creamy icing is like no other. It’s not too sweet and it stays soft and keeps the cakes moist. Yum! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Being from Pennsylvania, I grew up with that creamy “gob” icing and I must say that you make it to perfection…every time. It brings back a taste of home for my husband and me; and my family has grown to love it.
You’ve been there for all of our families’ special occasions: birthdays, first communions, confirmations, graduations, going away, anniversary and engagement parties, showers–a lifetime of cakes by Glory Be. And not only do your cakes have that wonderful, unique taste, each was exquisitely designed. There were cartoon characters and princesses, bibles and chalices, sports themes, school logos, NFL/NHL/MLB logos, and even our families’ faces to perfection have donned your cake tops. I especially remember the ship replica that you made when my son joined the navy. He was so proud. 
And now, here you are baking our children’s wedding cakes. As my daughter and I were planning her wedding, we attended a variety of wedding planning events where we tasted at least a dozen different cakes. My daughter was particularly looking for a wedding cake with fondant icing. The cakes were generally dry and the icing hard and too sweet… and oh, so expensive. So, my daughter and I decided to call our favorite cake lady, Glory Be, to see if you might dabble with fondant icing. Instead we came to our senses and chose a Glory Be cake that looked like it had fondant icing. It was scrumptious!! Our guests were amazed that a wedding cake could taste that good. The hardest part was selecting which flavor….we couldn’t choose one…so we decided on raspberry swirl and spice. And it was beautiful, with live flowers down the side and the “ cherry on top” was the price. Half the price of the other cakes with five times the flavor. You are the best cake baker in the county!!! Thank s for the memories that you have given our family. 

Bonnie Solarczyk

Hello, I just wanted to write you a letter to let you know how BEAUTIFUL the giraffe cake turned out. It was even more amazing than what I dreamed it would be. Because it was his 1st birthday and it was so special we knew not to trust anyone else with the cake and we couldn’t have been more right. Nobody else around here could’ve done a better job at incorporating our idea’s into that masterpiece. Isaiah enjoyed it too, he spent an hour trying to finish his little smash cake. Thank you so much for making our son’s1st birthday everything we dreamed it would be. You’re the best. I’ve included some photo’s for you to see how much isaiah loved it and also if you’d like to use any in your gallery. Thanks again and we’ll see you this July for our daughter’s 9th Birthday! Sincerely,

Taran Witt

Dear Gloria,

Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into creating such a beautiful cake. Everyone just loved it and we were all so pleased. Again, thank you for your generous support.

Marie Pelletier

Saint Elizabeth Seton Church


I ordered my son’s grooms cake 3yrs ago and left the entire design up to you. You put a picture of my son on one cake and his bride and her daughter to be on another. My son married a wonderful girl who previously had a child so we were blessed with a beautiful grandaughter. You put their pictures on a second cake. You then made a third cake with a picture of all three of them with the caption of ” Today They Become One”. It was so beautiful I cried all the way to the wedding. Not to mention that everyone came to me to tell me how wonderful the cake tasted. 

My family and my daughter-in-laws family always ask that you do the cake for all the birthdays of course 1/2 cherry walnut for the adults. You always ask me how many people will be there and it really does not matter because not one piece ever goes to waste. They have even started bringing containers to take cake home with them.

We now have a new tradition started since you did my second grandaughters 1st birthday cake. The kids are all now requesting their own little cake. You are truely blessed with a talent that brings joy to all of our special occasions. When I get out of the car to pick up a cake I can smell the wonderful aroma before I even get to the door.

Thank you for all of your hard work.

Lisa Howe

Hi Gloria…….
The cake you designed for our Red Hat “Reduation” was so wonderful, I’ve been singing your artistic talents to anyone who will listen, (the cake is on your site, under Misc). I’ve given out all of your business cards I had (10, to be exact) and need more. The colors, the design & the wording were all perfect on the cake. I have spread the word on how great your design is and plan to do more business in the Future, with Glory Be !!! Thank you.


Queen Mum, Glitter & Glitz, Red Hat Society